UCLIC | Top 5 Tips for Organising your Home Office
Working from home can be hard without a dedicated and clear space - read our Top 5 Tips for Organising your Home Office to stay focused!
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Top 5 Tips for Organising your Home Office

Top 5 tips for organising your home office

Top 5 Tips for Organising your Home Office

Working from home sounds great…unless your home office is a bit chaotic with stacks of paperwork piled high around you! After all, you can’t get much work done in a cluttered environment, can you? This usually because we don’t give organising our office enough thought.

With paperwork, files and office essentials, it’s hard to keep your home office organised. However, we’ve put together 5 of the top tips and tricks to help you get your home office organised a little easier:

Colour code your filing system

A well organised filing system will improve how efficient you are in the office and help save time when it comes to finding specific documents.  Setting up a colour coded filing system is a good indication just how functional your workspace is. Separate your files into 5 colour coded categories for example, green for financial documents, red for medical, orange for personal, and yellow for insurance documents label each file according to your needs.

 Clean your office desk

Is your desk buried under stacks of papers, post it notes and stationary essentials? The main thing in your home office is your desk and you’re going to want a clean organised space to work. Start with a clean slate by taking everything off your desk except for your computer, printer and telephone. If you’re left with a filthy desk with a lot of dust sitting on it take a furniture polish and a duster to wipe it clean.  Then give the essentials a home and put all other items in drawers or cupboards nearby, ready for when you need them.

Don’t be afraid to throw things away

One of the reasons why our home offices get so cluttered is that we are either natural hoarders or don’t take the time to throw things away. Take some time out of your week to sort through and order items in your office. For example throw away outdated documents, pens that no longer work and broken pieces or stationary or equipment.

Manage cable clutter

Cables, cords and wires can very easily get tangled underneath your office desk not only are they a big health and safety hazard, but they  look untidy and accumulate a lot of dust, creating unnecessary clutter.  It’s very easy to find yourself lost in a tangle of wires, so investing in wireless equipment or having a desk with inbuilt cable management will help keep your office tidy and lower the risk of accidentally pulling wires out.

Hide your office supplies

Instead of leaving things on work surfaces making the place look untidy store your office supplies and other essentials in containers and drawers. Putting your essential items in one place out of sight will not only make your office more organised, but it will also stop you from frantically searching for your favourite pen when you’ve misplaced it under a pile of paperwork.

Desks with storage

Keep your home office organised with UCLIC 

A UCLIC home office desk with inbuilt storage can be the perfect partner to help keep your office organised. The range has been designed specifically for the home with 3 leg style options, 16 colours to choose from and numerous storage combinations including drawers, upper storage units and base units to store your essential items and help keep your home office neat and tidy.

All of our UCLIC desks are proudly made in the UK, come with a 10 year guarantee and only available from selected retailers Amazon, Kit Out My Office, Worldstores, Wayfair and Office Furniture Online.