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Certain paint shades are better choices for study rooms because of the way they affect your mood. Here are 5 of the best colours that will help improve your studying...
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What Colours Will Help You Study

What Colours Will Help You Study

What Colours Will Help You Study

It’s no secret that colours affect our mood in different ways. Bright and vibrant shades can make up happier, whereas darker colours do little to improve a bad day. However, what colours will make you study more?

With schools, colleges and universities all getting back into the swing of things, we wanted to share the best colours that will improve your productivity whilst studying.

Let’s face it studying isn’t anyone’s favourite thing to do, but if you give your study room a fresh lick of paint it will help. According to colour psychology, certain paint shades are actually better choices for study rooms because of the way they affect your mood. With this in mind it may be time to pick up a paintbrush and give your workspace a much needed revamp.

Here are 5 of the best colours that will help improve your studying:

Pale Blue

Pale Blue

With its cool undertones, blue creates the perfect serene atmosphere and is often thought to stimulate productivity which makes it ideal for learning. Calm, comforting and soothing colours such as light blues help us stay focused. If you prefer extremely bright shades of blue you don’t necessarily need to paint all 4 walls in the shade. Instead, you can create an accent wall using it only behind your desk.


If you have a bit of a habit of dozing off when it’s time to study, red may be the ideal wall colour for your study room. It is a warm, stimulating colour and can generate feelings of energy. However, you want to choose the right shade of right to keep the room from being too energising. Try a muted colour such as brick, wine or maroon to make the shade less intense.


Like red, yellow also sparks energy so it can be a good option for the room where you’re studying. If you bedroom is your study room then opt for a soft buttery shade that gives the space some light and warmth, but is still soft enough to encourage good night’s sleep. For a really bold, fresh look, go for a bright lemon colour to keep up your energy and focus.


To ensure a focus-friendly study room, you can’t go wrong with a classic white. It’s a crisp, fresh and the perfect backdrop to hang up your colourful revision note. You can also insert bolder colours to spice up the space whilst still encouraging studying.


Green is often associated with nature and positive emotions making it an ideal colour for a study space. The right shade of green can give a space a lively, energetic look that helps improve concentration. A fresh pale green or moss green shade will help you focus whilst studying without overpowering the room.

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